warn|ing1 W2S3 [ˈwo:nıŋ US ˈwo:rn-] n
1.) [U and C]
something, especially a statement, that tells you that something bad, dangerous, or annoying might happen so that you can be ready or avoid it
warning of
a warning of floods
warning about
warnings about the dangers of smoking
warning against
This experience should serve others as a warning against complacency.
warning to
a warning to pregnant women not to drink alcohol
a warning that grey squirrels are threatening the existence of red squirrels
Without warning , the soldiers started firing into the crowd.
The government have issued a warning that the fish may not be fit to eat.
Before he could give a warning , he slammed on the brakes.
The danger was there for all to see, but we failed to heed the warning .
Employers must provide advance warning of office closures.
the government health warning on packs of cigarettes
A word of warning : don't use a metal container.
a statement telling someone that if they continue to behave in an unsatisfactory way, they will be punished
The Surrey team were given a warning last year for repeated offences.
I'm giving you a final warning - don't be late again.
written/verbal warning
COLLOCATES for sense 1
warning that
without (any) warning
issue a warning
give/sound a warning
heed a warning (=take notice of it)
advance/prior warning (=when you tell someone about something so they know it will happen)
health warning (=a warning that something is bad for your health)
a word of warning (=used before a warning when giving advice)
warning 2
warning2 adj [only before noun]
1.) a warning action or thing tells you that something bad or dangerous might happen
He had intended only to fire a warning shot .
Do not ignore warning signs such as tiredness.
The brake warning light came on.
a warning look/glance
Owen gave him a warning glance.
2.) warning bell/bells
used to say that something makes someone start to be worried or careful about something
a warning bell rings/sounds
As she read his letter, warning bells began to sound in her head.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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